At Evolve, everything we do creates a ripple effect. From collaborations with other doctors to coaching sessions with our members, we inspire others to be purposeful and mindful in their daily interactions. In turn, they naturally inspire others around them. As this continues, whole communities and populations can be reached through the simple acts of being proactive and kind.

We believe that global change begins by positively improving local communities. With a desire to inspire families to approach life with purposeful intent, Evolve Personal Health has partnered with the Glazer Children’s Museum to provide a free event series – Mindfulness with Evolve. The series is designed for families to develop mindfulness through activities such as art, yoga, meditation, and thoughtful reflection. 

Evolve’s founders are personally involved in raising awareness of human trafficking by organizing panel discussions, film screenings, and gatherings for Red Sand Project. We encourage all of our members and partners to promote social issues that they are personally drawn to. We believe compassion and altruism are the foundations for a strong community. 


Evolve was designed to be minimal, peaceful, and thoughtful. Our space was inspired by a contemplative aesthetic often found in garden spaces and museums, with specifically chosen artwork and purposeful light filtration.

This is a “clean” space. We’ve taken steps to minimize electric and magnetic fields (EMF). Computers, phones, security systems, and speakers are hardwired; there are no wireless signals within the building.

Though our online programs cater to the greater population, our presence here in the Tampa community is important to us. By hosting community events, Evolve is a unique resource for people to be better. We invite you to stop by to say hello. We look forward to meeting you!