Dr. Vim Patel has been practicing medicine since 2004, with the focus of his career in the field of Hospital Medicine. Over the years, he became dismayed with prescribing medications for patients who could have prevented their illnesses had they made healthier lifestyle choices. He found few credible resources where his patients could learn how to safely and effectively make those changes.

As he became increasingly disheartened, he would confer with his wife, Chitra, as to how to best utilize his medical training. He firmly believed that he needed to educate patients on addressing the root cause of their sicknesses. With an extensive background in meditation and in the process of completing her Life Coach training, Chitra had a different perspective. She believed that it was not the educational understanding alone that would bring about change, but rather patients’ awareness of themselves and how they react to the world around them.

They decided to integrate their perspectives to create Evolve Personal Health. Evolve is a much needed resource in the health space – an easily accessible place for patients to receive accurate medical information, learn tools that will bring about behavior change, and understand the importance of a healthy mindset.

In its beginning phase, Evolve was a concierge medical practice where patients could take yoga and meditation classes and have in-office appointments with the coaching team. To extend its reach beyond Tampa Bay, Evolve evolved from a local practice to a digital program available across the globe.


Dr. Patel received his MD after attaining his BS in both History and Biochemistry and his MS in Biology. Board certified in Internal Medicine, he began practicing as a hospitalist in 2004 with private groups, as well as larger national groups in New York and Florida. As his personal and professional interests expanded, he was drawn to the advantages of Lifestyle Medicine and began to spend more time in preventative counseling with patients. He is also a Personal Fitness Trainer accredited by the National Federation of Professional Trainers. Dr. Patel is certified as a Health Coach with the National Society of Health Coaches. As Health Coach and founding partner of Evolve, his vision is to help others identify the root cause of their medical conditions and actively find a solution.


Chitra began her early career in marketing and then focused her efforts on a social entrepreneurial initiative of her own – using art sales to generate microlending opportunities for women in impoverished areas. She is certified by the Institute for Life Coach Training as a professional Life Coach with a specialty in Wellness Coaching. After practicing meditation for over 20 years, she is fluent in several forms – from Eastern philosophies to cognitive practices. Chitra directs Evolve’s mindfulness series in downtown Tampa and is ambassador to Red Sand Project, leading the project’s efforts in Tampa Bay of raising awareness of global human trafficking. As Introspective Coach and founding partner of Evolve, her guiding principle is to extend compassion and positivity while being an active and productive member of the community.


After receiving her BS in Biomedical Sciences and minor in Public Health from USF, Dawn completed her training as a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Dawn studied over 100 dietary theories and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts. Her mission as Nutritional Coach is to spread the knowledge she has learned through training and personal experience to teach others about living healthier lives.


Cayla Hans is an alumnus of USF with a major in marketing. As the Evolve Coordinator, she helps make life at the office more efficient, organized, and stress-free. Her philosophy centers on helping others by exercising her passion for finding creative solutions. Her proactive attitude is an ideal match for the many hats required in her dynamic position. Stop by to meet Cayla if you’re interested in collaborating with Evolve, partnering for an event, talking about social conscience initiatives, or learning more about how you can Evolve and #bebetter.


At Evolve, everything we do creates a ripple effect. From collaborations with other doctors to coaching sessions with our members, we inspire others to be purposeful and mindful in their daily interactions. In turn, they naturally inspire others around them. As this continues, whole communities and populations can be reached through the simple acts of being proactive and kind.

We believe that global change begins by positively improving local communities. With a desire to inspire families to approach life with purposeful intent, Evolve Personal Health has partnered with the Glazer Children’s Museum to provide a free event series – Mindfulness with Evolve. The series is designed for families to develop mindfulness through activities such as art, yoga, meditation, and thoughtful reflection. 

Evolve’s founders are personally involved in raising awareness of human trafficking by organizing panel discussions, film screenings, and gatherings for Red Sand Project. We encourage all of our members and partners to promote social issues that they are personally drawn to. We believe compassion and altruism are the foundations for a strong community. 


Evolve was designed to be minimal, peaceful, and thoughtful. Our space was inspired by a contemplative aesthetic often found in garden spaces and museums, with specifically chosen artwork and purposeful light filtration.

This is a “clean” space. We’ve taken steps to minimize electric and magnetic fields (EMF). Computers, phones, security systems, and speakers are hardwired; there are no wireless signals within the building.

Though our online programs cater to the greater population, our presence here in the Tampa community is important to us. By hosting community events, Evolve is a unique resource for people to be better. We invite you to stop by to say hello. We look forward to meeting you!